D4D Resource Centre

D4D.net will also soon be launching the beta version
of the D4D Resource Centre

Coming soon!

D4D.net will work to advance the knowledge of stakeholders within the broader data for development community. Having an in-depth understanding of the landscape is not only imperative for avoiding the duplication of efforts, but is also an essential lever to targeting those areas where others are absent, where research needs are under-serviced, or where we need to stimulate opportunities for future collaboration.

With this goal in mind, the Hub will launch an online resource centre as part of its virtual presence, serving as a one-stop shop for resources that can help governments and civil society work together to discover, manage, and use data for development. Implementing a resource centre under the hub will benefit our network and partners by raising the profile of project outputs through broader dissemination and increased use, while working to reduce the silos created by different communities of practice within the data ecosystem.

We will be working with both partners and users to expand the resource repository and the site functionality over the coming weeks and months!