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    • Data Capacity Building in the Global South

      Emergent patterns and insights from 24 capacity building projects

      Strengthening data capacity across civil society, governments, and the private sector in the global south has been an important target outcome for the Open Data for Development (OD4D). This study reflects a full review and synthesis of 24 projects that were delivered with funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) related to data capacity building that were undertaken for the purpose of identifying common themes (patterns), effectiveness criteria, and program design considerations.

      Download Publication Publication from 2022-07-27
      Data Capacity Building in the Global South
    • Global Data Barometer Report

      Mapping data for the public good

      This report provides an overview of the Global Data Barometer findings. The Barometer includes 39 primary indicators, and over 500 sub-questions, covering 109 countries (delivering more than 60,000 data points in total). This report explores just a few of them, providing a non-exhaustive overview of some of the topics that could be explored further using Barometer data.

      Download Publication Publication from 2022-05-11
      Global Data Barometer Report
    • Better Measurement and Monitoring of Data for Development

      April 2022 Report

      In this stocktaking report, Open Data Watch (ODW) reviews twelve widely used performance indexes and assessment tools with references to the stages of Data Value Chain (DVC) to identify similarities and differences in concept and coverage. The results show that current indexes and tools provide do not provide balanced coverage of government data systems. These observations point toward the forthcoming Global Data Barometer, suggesting that a more comprehensive measure or a combination of complementary indexes and tools are needed to fully capture the functions of the data ecosystem.

      Download Publication Publication from 2022-04-15
      Better Measurement and Monitoring of Data for Development
    • Mapping Financing for Development Data

      A changing landscape for financing development data

      This presentation maps the state of data financing, and will take you through emerging opportunities and what the future for data financing looks like. While financing for data is still concentrated in a few donors, new multilateral funds and renewal of existing funds create opportunities for partnership.

      Download Publication Publication from 2022-08-07
      Mapping Financing for Development Data