Without good data, it is almost impossible to gain a comprehensive understanding of where and how countries are advancing the use of data to address development challenges. A comparative global index provides insights into the opportunities and challenges and helps governments, civil society, and the private sector engage in an evolving dialogue around innovation, policy, and practice. Drill-down metrics that illustrate the impact of policy frameworks, data availability, and uptake across a range of sectors can help direct global advocacy and action and act as a benchmark for policy-makers and funders to track progress toward shared goals.

The Global Data Barometer (GDB) provides essential data to drive a fuller understanding of the state of data for development, open data implementation, and data justice around the globe. Through research, inputs from thematic partners and regional hubs as well as government and national surveys, it will provide actionable insights on data governance, on the capacity for data use, on the availability of key datasets, and on the impact of data use.

The GDB is being co-created by a network of over 100 researchers led by ILDA and a small global team responsible for coordinating delivery through regional hubs around the world. The design of the GDB builds on the previous editions of the successful Open Data Barometer (ODB) studies, but takes a broader look at data sharing and use, including giving additional attention to issues of privacy and inclusion. It will respond to ongoing demand for benchmarks to inform and monitor data policies, and yet provide even more quantitative and qualitative data to drive independent research.

For more information and updates on the Global Data Barometer, please visit the project site at globaldatabarometer.org.