The D4D network will undertake action-oriented research and identify opportunities to advance the work of gender organizations in an effort to increase gender data capacity and leverage new technologies for data collection that support policy-makers and stakeholders to address the multiple forms of discrimination faced by girls and women.

Recent IDRC activities in support of the Feminist Open Government Initiative, as well as research by the Equal Measures 2030 and several other organizations, have highlighted the ongoing need for data in order to reach gender equality goals as outlined in the Beijing Platform for Action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Specific examples of data gaps include a lack of comparable data on gender-based violence and feminicide, prevalence rates, gender-based violence in the workplace, and economic participation, as well as data on access to digital technologies. will look to build on current initiatives:


The goal of FOGO is to leverage the OGP membership to build a coordinated global coalition around a more gender-centric approach to Open Government. Funding for the initiative is provided by the International Development Research Centre and the Government of Canada. Recent FOGO activities have focused on how data can be used to increase transparency in public sector procurement and close the gender pay gap in low-income countries.

For further information, check out the FOGO website

Feminist AI Research Network

In these challenging times, the <A+> Alliance, supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), has launched a Feminist AI Research Network to incubate a Feminist AI . In the first phase of activities during 2021-2024, the network is launching a call for papers to explore new models and new ways of conceiving AI that correct for historic inequities and bring forward social programs and policies fit for the 21st century.

For more information, check out the f<A+i>r Network website!