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Our Projects

The project portfolio of the D4D Network is primarily made up of collaborative research projects that are identified, developed, and implemented in one of two ways:

  • Global Initiatives are generally larger benchmarking research projects which typically involve the majority of member organisations across all regions, as well as a range of global and regional partners (e.g. Global Data Barometer, Global Index on Responsible AI).
  • Regional Plans and local projects are developed across the Global South by member organisations working collaboratively within each of 6 regions that make up the D4D portfolio: Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, Anglophone Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Caribbean.

Global Initiatives

Global Index on Responsible AI

Measuring Progress on the Responsible use of AI Around the World

The Global Index on Responsible AI will measure progress toward the responsible use and development of artificial intelligence in over 140 countries from a distinctly human-rights based perspective, tracking efforts to put responsible AI principles in practice around the world.

Global Data Barometer

A Critical Benchmark on the Use of Data for the Public Good in over 100 Countries

The Global Data Barometer (GDB) provides essential data in the effort to fully understanding progress to date on the use of data for development, open data implementation, and data justice around the globe, providing actionable insights on data governance, the capacity for data use, and the availability of key datasets.

SDG Acceleration Roadmap

Private Sector Data for Sustainable Development

The shift in how companies do business with far more focus on environmental and social impacts is driving closer public-private collaboration within the broader data community. Companies are helping to fill public data gaps, transfer knowledge and expertise, and support data use for decision-making - all of which is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

State of Open Data

Taking Stock of Progress to Date and Exploring and Shaping the Future of Open Data

The State of Open Data is based on input from key actors and initiatives across the open data community and from around the world, providing an important update on the evolving impact of open data and the major challenges still to be addressed.

Data for Democratic Development - D4D²

Exploring Critical Issues in the Use of Data to Advance Democratic Development

Through the Data for Democratic Development grants, the D4D Network works to foster the innovative use of data to advance inclusive development by supporting local interventions to affect real change across the Global South.

Data and Gender Equality

Increasing Gender Data Capacity to Address Discrimination Faced by Girls and Women

The D4D Global Research Hub undertakes action-oriented research to increase gender data capacity and leverage new technologies for data collection that support policy-makers and stakeholders in addressing the multiple forms of discrimination faced by girls and women.

Open Data for Development - OD4D

Advancing Open Data to Address Social and Economic Development Challenges

Open Data is a critical work stream of the Data for Development initiative. Building on a range of projects undertaken under the OD4D Phase III through the Open Data for Development Network, our ongoing objective is to facilitate the availability and use of open data for improving gender equality and inclusion, good governance, and economic growth.

Regional Plans

D4D Regional Plan - Asia

Exploring Critical Issues in the Use of Data to Address Development Challenges in Asia

D4D Regional Plan - Caribbean

Exploring Critical Issues in the Use of Data to Address Development Challenges in the Caribbean

D4D Regional Plan - Latin America

Exploring Critical Issues in the Use of Data to Address Development Challenges in Latin America