About D4D.net

A global cooperative working to advance new strategies on the use of data to address development challenges around the world

    D4D.net is a global research cooperative that works to strengthen collaboration across a broad network of stakeholders by developing and mobilizing the knowledge needed to advance the ethical use of data to address critical development challenges across the Global South.

    The global D4D agenda is moving into a new phase. Advances in the broad field of data science have increased the abilities of organizations across all sectors. AI in particular, powered by data, is spurring new innovations and transformative social change, both positive and negative.

It starts with a simple premise - The responsible use of data can help us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), understand the impact of the COVID crisis, or identify key priority areas for development programming to be addressed in the future. However, we need to know more, share what we know, and be willing to work together for the public good.

    The Data for Development Network (D4D.net) was launched in July 2021 as an initiative of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)(Opens in a new tab) and is hosted at Research ICT Africa(Opens in a new tab) and ILDA(Opens in a new tab). It builds on the activities of partners across the Global South interested in working together and sharing lessons learned regarding open data, responsible AI, big data, privacy rights, intellectual property, cybersecurity, online surveillance, CRVS, trade, etc. It emerged from community discussions(Opens in a new tab) around the need for a more coordinated approach across these different domains, and it continues to evolve based on ongoing consultations with a range of stakeholder groups.

    In this initial phase, the objectives of the D4D.net are to:

    • Accelerate Research

      Undertake an accelerated research agenda to address critical gaps in the evidence needed to support local, national, and global decision-making related to data for development strategies.

    • Catalyze Action

      Share knowledge on the innovative use of data in priority development areas, such as gender equality, health, climate change, education, food security, and much much more.

    • Shape the Agenda

      Support Southern-based organizations in shaping a global response to development challenges by bringing “use of data” lessons, capacity building, and community collaboration to the forefront.

    Resource Centre - Coming soon

    Coming soon! D4D.net will soon launch an online resource centre as part of its virtual presence, serving as an easy access hub for resources designed to help governments and civil society work together to discover, manage, and use data for development.